Scott Siegal

CEO of Maggio Roofing & President of Certified Contractors Network

Scott Siegal started Maggio Roofing over twenty years ago. He continues to own and operate one of the most reputable roofing companies in the Washington, DC metropolitan area that installs all types of roofing from small residential projects to million dollar commercial projects including solar installations. Maggio Roofing is a national award winning roofing contractor and a member of Hanley Wood’s Big 50. Scott has been a professional contractor trainer for over ten years. He has spoken at many local and national trade conventions. Scott is also a Past-President of the Washington Area Roofing Contractors Association. During the past twenty two years, while in the roofing business, Scott acquired four established roofing companies in the Washington, DC area. Since the companies average over 500 contracts per year, Scott knows first-hand the problems and challenges that contractors experience in their businesses.
Certified Contractors Network (CCN) was established in 1996 by Richard Kaller. Richard found that most contractor challenges were very similar from contractor to contractor and market to market. Contractors share common sales problems, field production problems and general management problems. Richard found he could network different contractors, reducing the consulting cost for the individual contractor, which is resulted in the explosive growth of the CCN Network. Scott Siegal was one of the founding members of Certified Contractors Network and served on its Steering Committee. As a longtime member of Certified Contractors Network (CCN), Scott knows the tremendous value his membership in CCN has brought to his roofing business. Scott acquired CCN to reinvent the organization by building on the years of experience of the organization’s membership group and bringing in critical new knowledge and partners for the ever-changing contracting industry. Scott’s visionary strategies and commitment to empower members to reinvent their contracting business to survive and thrive in today’s new landscape are evident from the companies’ new brand identity, increased prominence of CCN within the industry, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders; from the largest roofing manufacturers to new green suppliers to social Web media companies. Today, CCN provides valuable, hands-on consulting and networking between non-competitive contractors at a very low cost. CCN has members in most States in the USA and Canadian Provinces. CCN offers an entire marketing, sales and management system for the contractor, from the one-man shop to the 100+ employee companies.