The South Florida Metal Roofing conference takes place twice a year in South Florida.  This is an opportunity for roofing contractors to gather and master how to increase their sales and profits through metal roofing.

This conference gives you exclusive access to some of the sharpest minds in sales, marketing and metal roofing, all with very successful track records.

The main purpose of the conference is to help you gain the tools you need to make the necessary improvements to your roofing business. This, as a result, will make you more money and achieve your next level of success and freedom.

It doesn’t stop there!

While we offer seminars and workshops in marketing, sales, business ethics, human resources, production, and so much more revolving around the administrative part of the business; we also offer hands on training for you and your installation crew.

Not only do you get the tools to market and sell metal roofing, you also have the opportunity to learn how to install the product properly. The training is usually a smaller group of people (no more than 25), in which you get one on one time with an instructor that will guide you through the process.

Whether you are an experienced installer looking to polish your skills and see what’s new in the installation world, or a beginner starting from scratch, our hands on training are designed to address all levels of the metal roofing installation process.  At the end of each training you will receive a certificate of completion from Metal Master Shop, indicating you are now knowledgeable and ready to go into the field and create success stories of customer satisfaction.

View our photos below from the last conference to see what you missed.