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For more information about becoming a Metal Roofing Conference Sponsor, please contact Daylin Horruitiner, Marketing Director, at [email protected] or 305-261-9290. You may also contact Rey Perez, Sponsor and Event Coordinator, at [email protected] or 305-804-5951.

ABC Supply:Copy of abc

ABC Supply Co., Inc. is the largest wholesale distributor of roofing in the United States and one of the nation’s largest distributors of siding, windows and other select exterior building products, tools and related supplies. Since our start in 1982, we’ve grown to become a national organization with more than 450 branches and other facilities in 44 states.

Our success is the result of an unwavering focus on a single, simple guiding principle – treat contractors (large and small) with respect and give them the products and services they need to build their businesses. We offer high quality products, superior service and competitive pricing, ensuring the contractors have the products they need – when and where they need them.

Petersen Aluminum:Metal_Master_Shop_Petersen_Logo

Petersen Aluminum Corporation was founded in 1965 as a metals service center to the architectural metal industry. At Petersen we strive to provide products of the highest possible quality within reliable, dependable lead-times. Our strong national sales base allows PAC to maintain large inventories and cost economies to our customers. In addition to our Chicago-based headquarters, we maintain full production facilities in Annapolis Junction, Maryland; Tyler, Texas; Acworth, Georgia and Fridley, Minnesota. Our complete catalog is on our website and is available in standard 3-ring binder as well as CD-ROM format. Technical assistance and service are provided by our staff and complimented locally by our nationwide organization of architectural representatives. We are prepared to offer assistance in material selection, finish specification, and budgeting. As the scope of our applications is so wide, we encourage your inquiries.

G4 Marketing Group:Metal_Master_Shop_gFour_Logo

Your clients and prospects are being bombarded by thousands of advertising messages every hour of every day. These advertising messages, from your competition and others are not only competing for your prospects money, but they are also competing for their attention.Consumers today are too busy and caught up in their lives to care about you or your business. They are tired of being “sold” to – CALL TODAY, ONE DAY ONLY SALE. The consumer, your prospect, your client wants to know “what’s in it for me.” They want to know how your product or service is going to benefit their lives.

The days of being able to rely on a “loyal” customer base are dead. Too many business owners today are waiting for business to come to them rather than working at creating a systematic steady stream of business from both new clients and their existing clients.

At our core, g|Four Marketing Group is about helping you, the entrepreneur, the business owner optimize your business so it’s maximizing profits, equity value and personal freedom. Whether you are B2B or B2C we work with you to:

  1. Uncover the hidden (and/or neglected) profits inside your business. This is the area we do the most work in — profit solutions. We will install marketing processes and systems designed to maximize the sales and profits your business earns.
  2. Develop your “franchise” business model. We help you develop processes and systems that produce consistent results across all aspects of your business.
  3. Remove you from the day-to-day business activities. We’ll accomplish this by helping you set up marketing and business development processes and systems that will create a “franchise” model transforming you from Reactive Business Owner (RBO) to Strategic Entrepreneur.
  4. Install you as the CEO The Strategic Entrepreneur — driving your company’s success from the outside looking in. What we call a Fourth Stage Entrepreneur.™
  5. Prepare your business so it can be sold (maybe today, maybe eventually). There are very specific things buyers of businesses are looking for. Most small businesses don’t have these things in place. We’ll help you structure your business so it will be attractive to a buyer.
    If you are interested in learning more about our consulting click here, or you can read more HERE.


For years, CCN has proven to be the highest quality, most effective, contractor consulting available to both small and large contractors. Certified Contractors Network offers contracting companies resources and training to grow and improve their businesses even in these difficult economic times.

Certified Contractors Network helps its members to be the best in their industries by providing proven best practices and procedures that allow them to provide their customers with superior quality of work and an exceptional contracting experience. Member companies are committed to observing the highest standard of Integrity, Frankness and Professional Responsibility in dealing with their clients.
Contact us to get more information on how CCN can improve your contracting business or learn more about membership.

Furman Insurance:Metal_Master_Shop_Furman_Insurance_Logo

These are certainly times of challenge. That is especially true in Florida, where the insurance market has been buffeted by the winds of change — both figuratively and literally. The literal winds came in the form of a spate of hurricanes a few years ago that left the homeowners market in shambles, with a concomitant impact on residential construction.

Homes became difficult to sell, and then the mortgage crisis added to the woes. As credit tightened and the economy worsened, construction of all types slowly ground to a halt.

At the same time, thanks to reforms in the system, workers comp rates in Florida fell by nearly 60% over the last five years — good news for insureds, but not so great for agents who were already experiencing lower revenue from comp due to declining payrolls.

For an agency whose largest specialty is construction throughout Florida, these were definitely challenging times.

And that’s just when construction companies doing business with Frank H. Furman Insurance in Pompano Beach, Florida, confirmed what a strong business partner they have in the Furman Agency.

Triangle Fastener Corporation:Metal_Master_Shop_TFC_Logo

TFC has been supplying the commercial construction industry with fasteners, tools, and accessories since 1977. We offer high performance standard and specialty products, and specialize in hard to find products for critical applications.

Our 24 locations are each staffed with knowledgable product professionals who are eager to assist you on any of your fastening system requirements.